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What are the types of advertising lamp boxes?

What are the types of advertising lamp boxes?


.The suction lamp box of the advertisement lamp box has the advantages of high efficiency, energy saving and long service life, and saves the maintenance and the maintenance cost.The light box panel of the advertisement lamp box can be toughened glass or PVC board, and is generally a rolling screen of a double sided lamp box.There are many kinds of advertising lamp boxes, and the materials for making light boxes are also very rich. According to your needs, you can choose different light boxes, and the advertisement effect is more obvious.
The light box advertising light box solves the Rab panel size limitation of traditional light, spreading lamp box can be no size limitation, made into a large advertising light box.Advertising light box of acrylic lamp box is made of acrylic, word, acrylic, luminous words as part of the production of light box advertising.The LED light box of the advertisement lamp box determines the color of the light emitting words of the lamp house according to the color of the light source, and the good material produced by the advertisement lamp box.The ultra thin lamp box of advertising lamp house is used for indoor, and the indoor light box is designed as an ultra-thin lamp box. The ultra-thin lamp box is beautiful and occupies a small space. It is the preferred material for the advertising lamp box
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