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what are valves in 2/4 stroke engines?

ex: 4 stroke 16 valve engine


? r u going to include the number of cylinders?
The intake and exhaust valves in a four stroke engine are timed to allow air intake on the the intake stroke, both closed on the compression and power stroke and the exhaust valve open on the exhaust stroke. The valves on a two stroke engine are generally automatic reed type check valves that allow for an intake stroke and close for the compression and power stroke.
I can tell you right now crazydrunk couldn't have provided the right answer. If he knew what he was talking about, He'd know if the car is advertising the number of valves, and its 16 valves, thats 4 Cylinders, with 4 valves in each cylinder. Two for intake and two for exhaust. The intakes are usually the bigger ones. Simply divide the number of valves by 4 and you'll get the number of cylinders. 24 valve is 6 cylinder and 32 valves is 8. 2 stroke engines are commonly found in old motorcycles, lawn mowers, leaf blowers, genorators and small gas engines like that. 4 stroke engines are found in anything that runs on gas and is over 1000lbs, usually and diesel is above that but runs on heat ignition, rather than spark ignition.
To give you an example: my car has a 4 stroke Otto cycle 4 cylinders engine. It has 16 valves. Every cylinder has 4 valves, 2 to intake fresh combustion fluid ad 2 for the exausts. It's a double over head camshaft engine (DOHC). A 2 stroke engine doesn't have valves as a 4stroke. In a 2 stroke engine (in Otto cycle, I don't know in Diesel cycle) the piston works as a valve. Take care

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