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What brand is a computer chair

What brand is a computer chair?


Ergonomic computer chairHuman engineering computer chair called the ergonomic design, use as far as possible for the body's natural shape, so that people can use the tools at work, physical and mental adaptation does not require any initiative, so as to reduce the fatigue caused by the use of tools. This kind of computer chair must meet the following conditions:The headrest is adjustable;Handrails are adjustable and can move up and down so that they can hold the best position with the ground and computer table;The back backrest can better fit. In the long time, the work at the desk, can effectively link spinal fatigue
What brand is a computer chair? What time do you pay attention to?I. cushion. Good cushion cost is higher, the general computer chair is sponge cushion, therefore the businessman basically can make the article on the cushion.Two, backrest. The back of a computer chair should also be sensitive to its comfort and safety. Part of the chair backrest is loose and even slightly rocking can make noise. This chair is not only easy to damageThree 、 lifting and turning lever. If you buy a chair, it must be on the spot on the chair do lifting movement of the test, in the process, feel the whole process is smooth, without loosing and sliding filament phenomenon.
Now many people have computers, oh, usually have the following categories:1) work chair: suitable for production workshop and other workplaces, chairs, the composition is simple.2) student chair: suitable for schools and conference venues. Similarly, the chairs are simple in composition.3) staff chair: widely used in office environment, chairs less volume, less space use.4) chair: chair of large volume, occupying too large, usually for a class of user management personnel.5) large chair: also known as the boss chair, the appearance of the atmosphere.6) conference chair: novel appearance, fashion, chair comfort is not the first element of the designer.7) Ma Rong chair: chair, staff chair, chair of the.8) mesh chair: the more a few years ago Zhongban chairs, conference chair, chair in front of the class,, such fabric chair has strong permeability, relatively suitable for sedentary. It has been heavily used in staff chairs.

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