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What could I use as a substitute for the power cable running to my car amp?

I am installing a sound system in my car straight from scratch. I have built the subwoofer enclosure but now I have run into a problem. The existing amplifier power cable is too short to reach my amp. I was wondering if any other cable could be used as a substitute to extend it just a few more inches or do I need to buy a whole new amp kit? Thanks


i don't recommend splicing the cable jointly, becuase they are able to alter into loose inflicting a short interior the relationship and injury your kit. The maximum secure difficulty to do could be purchase new cable. in case you're set on splicing, do not use tape. you may bypass to a ironmongery shop and %. up a twine splicing kit with the device and connectors for little or no funds, yet be sure you employ the right length connector for the gauge of twine you have.
you okorder /... and a fuse to fit that will work and be cheaper than buying new wires.you can go to walmart and find the fuse holder for cheaper that is just an example of what to look for.
Splices are not wise when high current is passed. It's a perfect spot for overheating. However, using a distrobution block as a splice would work fine. It won't look pretty but you can cut up a set of jumper cables as long as they're the same guage. Of course the more strands in stranded wire, the better.
You can get 12 gauge stranded wire in any length you want from Lowes or Home Depot. That will do fine for amplifiers requiring a 20 amp fuse. If you do splice the wires, then solder them and wrap them up with tape. Crimps will work OK for a few years but are not permanent.
saftey wise buy a new wire if you go best buy curcuit city you can buy the red power cable by the foot

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