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what do i do with my freshly butchered turkey?

My neighbor just gave us one of their turkeys fresh from the butcher 30 minutes agoIt is literally still warmI am not cooking it until Friday or Saturday, today being TuesdayI don't have enough room in the freezer, but I have a big aluminum round tub 2 1/2 feet wideShe also said something about brining for juicinessHELP!!!!!!!!!!!!


You don't want so as to add whatever, you just wish to get out as much air as feasibleAir is what motives freezer burnSomething are exceptional frozen in water like shrimp , it protects it from the cold and they are as recent as whilst you packed them Meat wants to be tightly packedYou could put the gizzards, liver , heart in a small freezer bag and place in the opening to rid as much air as feasibleVacuum packed is the satisfactoryButter can be brought below the skin while you prepare it for bakingInvariably cover your turkey with cheese material and butter when baking, it is going to stay moistMany home grown turkeys and chickens will not be as moist as the store purchased ones, however it's extra healthfulThe industrial ones are pumped with all types of preservatives and chemical compounds, so a contemporary home grown one is a lot better for youI elevate and freeze roosters for my meatI place them in a plastic freezer bag and them a retailer grocery bagTHen I bind the hen as tight as i will get it with cotton string to drag the legs and wings nearly the bodyTHis helps do away with air, the air does the injury.Ice crystals form on the birds if there may be air in the bagThat's what does the damage.

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