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What do i need to use as a frame for fiber glassing?

I'm going to be fiber glassing some things and i need to build a frame for itWood wouldn't work for the application because it would expand and contract too much and i can't use metal because i don't have means of doing metal workI heard there was a type of foam that i can use, but since I'm working on a tight budget i don't have too much extra to spend.Is there any type of foam or other material that's easy to sculpt and easy to work with that won't possibly melt (like the foam might).-Or-Can you suggest something that i can cover the foam with that won't let it melt?Thanks in advance!


The blue and pink foams you find at home improvement stores will melt if you put fiber glass resins on themThe white bead foams are also in this groupHowever if you first cover the foam with news paper strips dipped in water proof wood glue and let it dry you can create a protective layer over the foamOnce its dry you can then lay fiberglass over the paper/glue layerThere are foams that won't be eaten by the resinThese are usually yellow in color and many times are covered with a layer of aluminum foilIf you can find this type of foam the foil can be peeled off and the foam then formed and covered with fiberglass.
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