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What does AMD bulldozer CPU have?

What does AMD bulldozer CPU have? Does the 1100T belong to the bulldozer series?


The bulldozer hasn't come out yet. 1100T is only a six nuclear series, not a bulldozer
LZ boss, bulldozers and the Zambezi River are two different U, namely CPU and APU which is only suitable for the office, because of its low power consumption, but also integrated display chip with the highest 35W low only 9W, the performance of the bulldozers are not clear only in the online hype, it has dual core, 4 core, 6 8 nuclear, nuclear...... The server has 32 cores, 3 level cache is 6M8M12M16M with a maximum of 32M, a few days ago I saw AMD computer city officials engaged in activities, ask, issued in June is the Zambezi River processor...... Bulldozers released in May is the server, as the desktop processor do not know when to come out, it is said that the server CPU bulldozers 32 nuclear CPU, in several ways still beat in's 16 core, 32 lines into CPU...... Tragedy......
Bulldozer structure CPU was released only in June, officially listed, now only looking forward to
The bulldozer processor will be named FX series a total of 8 core 4 module FX8000 Series 6 core 3 module FX6000 series 4 core 2 module FX4000 series also belongs to the zambizi zambizi core processor is general desktop bulldozer processor, the old K10.5 callsign Shanghai Shanghai AMD Bulldozer bulldozer adopts modular design, each module has two the standard core, two core shared FPU. Each module has separate L1DATA L1INST modules that share L2 and full processor share L3. The 4 command fires /percycle percore. According to the available data, zambizi 4C8T SNB and 6C12T westmereEP. Server level 8 module 16 core 16 thread processor for Interlagos inte Bad Ragaz, compatible with SOCKET G34 interface. Because the calculation efficiency difference, NehalemEX and LGA1567 interface WestmereEX Interlagos 8C16T can not be fully slaughtered on the current online test has been singled out BUG: almost all of the tests showed that Interlagos in 2P under the condition of insufficient memory bandwidth, only the NehalemEX 2P platform is one of a dozen of the real, to doubt the message. Together with the previous Isntanbul conjecture that X6 is unreliable, the current bulldozer test is not yet credible. According to the posture of a bulldozer module against the SNB kernel, as long as the X79 platform is listed, then AMD will release the server level Interlagos of the 8 bulldozer module. However, SNB XEON seems to have had a design problem at the moment, and the number of cores is limited to 10C20T. A SNB core with 6 instructions per cycle, a AMD bulldozer module, 8 instructions per cycle. However, the thread allocation of SNB is weakened, that is, the theoretical effectiveness of the logical core is 1/2 of the physical core. That is, bulldozers have a stronger advantage in running high CPU computing games such as total war. AMD PhenomII X6 1100T K10.5 architecture is the last 45 nm processor, AM3 938PIN interface using 45nm SOIC3+ stepping LN2, the maximum can be 7.7G

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