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What does the &fire_protection& Enchantment do in Minecraft?

Duh, it helps with fire damage, but how much? I can't seem to find the answer elsewhere.Does it make you completely impervious to fire, lava, stuff? To what extent? And please don't say It protects you from fire!


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Wow! I hope your fire pit has legs or somethingthey can build up a lot of heat.did you read the box that the fire pit came in? Usually, they will let you know where you can place the pit for maximum safety. You should also do the following: place a fireproof mat underneath the fire pitthey can be bought usually at hardware supplies and places like Home Depot and are available in a mulititude of sizes to fit your needs. Over the top of this, I would place fire bricks.these are fire and heat resistant bricks and are what usually line the insides of professional open wood fire pits. Use enough to leave a 2-3' radius around your steel fire pit. Then, over those bricks, place your steel fire pit. Hopefully, this will be sufficient. (P.S. - I would also check back with the people at the store where you bought this itemthey should know what you need to do!)

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