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What exactly are pigments?

There was a question, not to long ago, that asked are L'oreal HIP pigments good? What are pigments?


its a loose eyeshadow. you can press pigments and make them like eyeshadows [using 91% alcohol and pressing them.. look up youtube] pigments are loose powders that can be used just as they are.. or used foil which means you use them wet.. adding water or MAC fix plus on the brush or lid of the pigment. make sure not to spray the water in the whole pigment tho lol so they are pretty much just loose eyeshadows/powders
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hiya pigment - or pigmentation is when the skin has changed colour darker or lighter patches caused by sun exposure, hormones skin trauma & congenital factors. Heat, injury, and medications are some of the most common reasons for changes and unevenness in skin pigmentation. Emotional stress is also play a part. You have prob seen someone with lighter or darker patches of skin - lighter is normally sun damage & darker is normally hormonal or in some case genetic it can effect any race of person. hope this helps you x
pigments are high colored, powder version of the eyshadows. AS FOR THE L'OREAL HIP.... defanatly in some cases they could be compared to MAC pigments. they're high quality. great, bright, fun pigmention. in a variety of colors. if you want to achieve the *POP* even more, try using an eye shadow primer. they do wonders! you can buy the more expensive ones from Sephora or the drugstore one which is Loreal DeCrease. they make the colors more vibrant. doesn't crease. keeps them on longer. over all great stuff ;D hope i helped(:
Pigments are tones. Like if you have a base color of white and add a light pink and as you go down it gets darker. There would be several pigments of pink tones.

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