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what if aluminum disappeared one day?

im doing this essay in my chemistry class that suppose to be a ficional story about the day my element, aluminum, slowly began disappearing.i know some things that will happen like no soda cans of anything of that, no foil no forks or spoons anything metally. i need more effects that will happen but my major problem is how to start this. i have no clue like how to begin.can anyone help pleased.!


can someone give me the information about aluminum for: It's cost today and back then when first found It's availibility: today and back then, and explaining why The environmental concerns: today and back then Health concerns: today and back then Explaining why Effectiveness of the material and it's hazrds PLease and thank you
Mass produced things like aluminum don't just disappear in one day. They would already use alternative resource by the time it was scarce.
In addition to goods like aluminum foil and cans, you would have to face the disappearance of certain gems. Look up the composition of rubies and emeralds. Also look up the composition of aluminum silicate minerals generally. Would a large amount of the planet disappear from under us? What % composition of the Earth is Al?
Aluminum has been used to replace a lot of structures that were previously made from things like steel (car frames, automobile parts, etc) since it is is much lighter. Automobiles are able to get higher gas mileage when they are made mostly from aluminum than from steel. If aluminum were to go away, it really wouldn't have any effect on everyday things like cans, utensils, etc. These things were around before aluminum was mass produced. All the utensils people have now are made from stainless steel in most cases. You've heard of tin cans? All metal food and drink containers were made from tin prior to switching over to aluminum. If you look back at the history of aluminum, it was considered more valuable than silver in the early 20th century due to the rigorous process of extracting aluminum from ore and the lack of availability.

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