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What is a good place 2 run the power cable from my amp?

98 dodge intrepid, wanna run power cable through the firewall without drilling a hole.


actually i could Run The twine interior the Truck Why? with the aid of fact the insulation Of The twine Is Gonna placed on Out., and you on no account understand a pointy merchandise would shrink Your twine And reason a short or possibly a fireplace... i could Run It actual next To The Seats decrease than Neath The Carpet..
run it under the car
Look around under the steering column. There should be a place where other wires and things come through already. Its pretty easy to run through there. That's usually the best place to run wires through. After you get through the firewall run the wire under the plastic floor paneling. hope this helps.
i ran mine under the car but many things can damage the wire. there is usually a plugged hole that is free but not all the time, i would just drill a hole at the easiest location it may save time and frustration in the future, if u do be careful not to drill into anything important and use rubber grommets to protect the wire a bit larger the the wire
Run it through an existing hole.

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