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What is best to use to eliminate spring tail bugs ?

I have a mild (for now) case of spring tail bugs that appear regularly in my kitchen sink. They are annoying and embarrassing. I have replaced all of the pipes under the sink and even replaced the garbage disposal because I thought they might be in there. I would like to treat this problem myself. Can you suggest anything that works that can be purchased at Home Depot or Menards or someplace local like that ?


The SD card stores your DCIM folder which is the home of your pics and videos. On top of they it stores certain critical app data for apps that are installed directly to your SD card. If you need to mount your sd card go into your phone settings go to storage and hit the menu soft key. There should be an option to mount your SD card. Once mounted you should be able to take pics again. Also check to make sure your card has not become dislodged from the slot under the batter door.
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