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What is the deference between lime and limestone?

I want to know, what is the deference between lime and limestone? And what is the similarity in both items


Hi there!! Lime has it wonderful benefits!! It's true that clarify your skin. You should mix the juice from 2 limes with a tbsp of baking soda, make a paste with it and apply to the area to be clarified. Let it set for 15 minutes. Do this for 5-7 days and your skin will look awesome and a lot less darker! ;-b
long term use may help you.
Lemon, not lime. Lemon has more acid in it causing it to bleach a bit your skin, I do it for blackspots on skin flaws I want to hide, best thing is cut a lemon in half and use every half for one leg and the other half for the other leg, models use it on their knees because the skin on and around your knee cap is different then the tender skin on your calfs for example, I'd say If you want quick results let's say a week do it after your morning shower the second you come out while pores are still wider, it also dries skin so use a moisturizer so apply the lemon directly after your shower get ready brush your teeth do your hair wtv until skin feels tighter then apply moisturizer because if you apply moisturizer directly after putting the lemon, your mixing two wet products and won't absorb as nicely, do it also before you go to bed and just stop when you get the results you like, I'd suggest you don't do it longer than two weeks because it could be slightly harmful to your skin, and you can cause longterm dry skin. Also make sure you rub the lemon evenly everywhere because if you don't you'll have small streaks and slight discoloration, once you get the result stop doing it, it lasts for a pretty long time. It's also good for pimples! Because it dries up the puss forming inside and goes away quicker, if you want to use it on your face for a dark spot or something I suggest you use either a Q-tip or a makeup spong :) Hope this was helpful!

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