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What is the difference between gas water heater and electric water heater?

I hope the answer is more original, the better. In addition, if the kitchen and bathroom at the same time with hot water, it is best to choose which is more appropriate? Which kind of security performance is higher? What brand is better?


Four, from the point of view of heat power gas water heater electric water heater than many times, take a water heater gas water heater 8 liters and 40 liters compared to the power of 8 liters of gas water heater is equivalent to 16 to 17 kilowatts, and 40 liters of water heater is generally around 3KW that is, what the gas water heater can continuously supply hot water for the sake of the electric water heater, so whether it can be made into 16KW, it is not possible, because the household electricity, wires are unable to bear. That is, 3KW, if the use of air-conditioning in summer, electricity tension, and then use the electric water heater, the consequences can be imagined.
Two, from the heating speed, the current production of gas water heater is mostly fast water heater. Whenever you want to open the gas valve and faucet with hot water, the hot water is available immediately. And electric water heater needs to electrify beforehand, half an hour or so can begin to use.Three, from the stability of hot water temperature of the gas water heater is due to rapid heating, and the temperature adjusting device, just start to feel comfortable in using the temperature (usually 40 ~ 50 DEG C, and will remain, It differs from man to man.) the constant temperature hot water supply. The electric water heater is a displacement type, heating a tank of water, when used, because the temperature is higher (usually about 80 degrees Celsius), the cold water will be heated out of the water, while part of the cold water. At the beginning of the process, the water temperature is higher. With the use of water, the water temperature in the tank will gradually decline until all the water is cold, so it is necessary to adjust the proportion of cold and hot water constantly.
First, from the hot water produced a general gas water heater with 5 liters and 7 liters, 8 liters, refers to the amount of hot water produced in a minute the water temperature rise of 25 degrees, if the tap water temperature is 25 DEG C, then every minute can produce 50 hot water, 7 liters or 5 liters 8 liters. The electric water heater is usually marked with 30~90 liters. This is the number of the volume of water heaters, equivalent to us in the electric stove and a kettle, the kettle by water is 30 ~ 60 liters, with 8 liters of a gas water heater and an electric water heater 40 liters, 8 liters of gas water heater can be the continuous production of 8 liters per minute hot water, and the water heater needs every half hour in a jar of water heating. If this tank of water is used up, it will have to wait about half an hour. In the winter bath, if the bath time is not good, a tank of water used up, has not taken a bath, then you have to wait in the bathroom for half an hour or so.

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