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What is the plastic covering for windows called?

and where can i get it? I remember my dad did this to our windows growing up and it was like shrink wrap for them and he had to use a hairdryer....any ideas where i can get it and does it work?


Frost KIng and 3M make these window film treatments that you are talking about...You can buy either one at a home depot/Lowes/Menards /Ace Hardware or True Value. YOu are correct ...Use a home hair dryer after apllying the film to a clean perimeter of the insde window and it will shrink to a drum tight and air tight enclsoure. Come spring time you simply need to peel it off and you are back to the summer mode...HOwever you will have to re purchase again for next winter..But for the price you get a lot of value...The 3M is by far the superior product due to the adhesives used on the border and the mil thickness of the palstic...Of o =course you pay more as well ..

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