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What kind of materials do the chairs on the market have now?

What kind of materials do the chairs in the market have now?


The use of space by a single chair is more changeable than that of a large chair and sofa. A single chair for its ring back modeling is different, in the use of space has different function use, if used properly can reflect the owner's personality, not when is self defeating; type high backed chair, suitable for home use, to transfer the leisure, relaxed home atmosphere; streamline shape, strong color contrast with a strong visual aesthetic feeling, chairs, very suitable for singles or studio; leisure chair, strong personal style chair, rocking chair, placed in a corner for space or balcony, as the mood of the switching station.
Chair selection:The chair is very practical and will appear in every room. Its main function is to facilitate people to rest, so its comfort is the main standard to measure the quality of a chair.Most people choose double chair, most choose comfort strong, use this kind of chair in the bedroom, lying and lying, can also wear clothing, can be a multi use, can also be placed in the living room, with different colors to create a leisure good mood. There are two factors to consider when choosing a double chair: function and material. In function, double chairs can meet the needs of two or three people, depending on the number of members of the family. Common material is the cloth and leather. Cloth is easy to clean and change, and can change surfaces with seasonal changes. Leather chair can show noble, but not very suitable for summer.
According to the function can be divided into the west dining chair, dining chair, coffee chair, snack chair, bar chair, office chair etc.. Each chair with different functions plays different roles in space.
Now the market in accordance with the chair chair material is divided into: wood chair, steel wooden chairs, wood chair, chair, chair, Aluminum Alloy metal rattan chair, plastic chair, glass steel chair, chair, board chair, acrylic wood chair, baby chair and chair etc.;

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