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what kind or type of electric motor is used in electric autos.?

my group of hot rodders was sitting around the shop discussing building a electric car we are all looking for a plan next week we are meeting to discuss the plans we will be using when we draw up are cumulative ideas we will come up with the best ideas,hopefully. we are craftsmen at are hobby(lifestyle) but normally making a auto go fast 4 dollar gas has changed our thought pattern .if you have any ideas, with all your help my plans could be best. Thanks to all. lets get opec.


It's easy to get speed out of electric. Range is harder, but gas generator range boosters are your friend. They only need to run when you exceed the range of the batteries.
I do not know of any electric vehicle that can go farther than 50miles before it needs to be recharged. The big draw back for this mode of transportation is the limited capacity of the batteries. This may be overcome within the next few years.
There are two types of electric motors available: DC and AC. Each system has advantages and disadvantages with respect to price, power and performance. A DC (direct current) motor will be a bit cheaper than a comparable AC (alternating current) motor and the control box that will regulate input voltage to the motor will also be cheaper and possibly more reliable. So far, range on a DC electric system is anywhere from 10-20% less than a comparable AC system. An AC motor for automobiles will (usually) us a 3-phase electric motor like those used in industrial applications. AC motors have better performance and range over their DC counterparts but have more sophisticated control boxes creating (in my opinion) more chance for things to break. OF course if you only have a projected range in the car of 50 miles then an extra 10-20% may be worth the extra expense. I'm going to be converting an old Honda Civic to electric in a few weeks. It'll be using a DC motor running 144 volts. I've estimated range to be 70 miles and top speed to be around 80MPH. Electric motors have very flat torque curves and as such it will usually be operating in second (sometimes third) gear and since the motor won't idle there won't be a clutch. I'm going to have an adapter made from the clutch plate spline that will fit to the motor's input shaft. At any rate good luck and let's shove it to OPEC!!!
The older ones use DC. The newer ones use AC. But if you're going to build your own, try to copy the EV Grey motor. It taps into the zero point and therefore can operate at over-unity efficiencies.
look up electric car kits on the web, there is a bunch out there

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