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what makes a bracket pop off when you have braces?

does it happen just randomly out of no where, I want to avoid my brackets from just popping off ?????????????


Sticky, hard, chewy, and stringy foods.
my little brother used to pop his all the time eating chicken wings. and i think gum and hard candy is bad too.
when i had braces the things that made it pop right off is . chicken wings hard candy umm don't play with them because that can cause the wire to loosen and a bracket to come off . or You probably should not eat hard sticky, gooey or crunchy foods. Caramel, taffy, peanut brittle can stick on your braces and pull the braces off your teeth. You also need to be careful with crunchy foods like carrots and apples and hard rolls so that you do not knock your braces off your teeth.
if you eat chewy or hard things it can cause the adhesive to be weak and your brackets can pop off but also just chewing regular softer food can weaken them or not brushing your teeth and in between brackets. but don't worry your bracket should be help on by the wire so you won't swallow it and when it is loose if you call your ortho they should be able see you within a day or two to fix it which only takes at most 15 minutes.

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