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What material is good for cabinet door panel ?

What material is good for cabinet door panel?


Is molded door with MDF substrate, engraving and milling surface can be polished, plastic in various shapes, and then the surface of PVC film with a vacuum film forming, no edge sealing strong overall. The advantages of molded door panels are that the overall performance is better, without edge banding. Moisture-proof performance is better, can be used as bathroom cabinets, color choice, relatively large space, to meet your pursuit of color. The disadvantage is not resistant to row. Poor PVC film will fade. If the molding is not good, there will be bubbles.
Oct 25, 2017
Double panel (also called melamine) in particleboard for the substrate, on both sides with Sanjuqingan cover (melamine veneer is a very wear-resistant material) by plate manufacturers a hot pressed material, stable performance. Double deck panel is a little natural color, smooth surface, good wear resistance, this plate is one-time pressure from manufacturers, to provide the manufacturers of forming plates, technical performance is stable, not easy to deformation. But less color, less color choice space, is the first choice of plate furniture manufacturers, the price is more prominent. One of the best Austria imported egger edge, it's a big advantage is that both sides do very well, do not see the interface.
Oct 25, 2017
Fire door plate (also called Naihuoban), it is used in particleboard substrate, with fireproof veneer of different brands, with 30-50 tons of cold press pressed. Then put the door around PVC edge or aluminum alloy edge. Good fireproof veneer brands on the market, American Wilsonart, Formica, West plate. General fireproof board base material thickness is 18MM, fire prevention veneer thickness is 0.8MM. The advantages of the fireproof board are that the surface is relatively smooth, not easy to deform, and the service life is long. Surface resistance to high temperature, not afraid of heat, not afraid of hot, instant time, high temperature resistance can reach 280 degrees, to cigarette butts in the above directly drive out, will not burn the surface. Moistureproof and anti-seepage performance is better too. Fire board also has a big advantage is that its color choice, space is relatively large, surface light fastness is good, not easy to fade. The disadvantage of fire boards is that they have to be sealed, and they can only be made of flat plates, which can not meet the demand of your pursuit of styling. The biggest difference between the fireproof board and the double decorative panel is that the fireproof board is single edge (with outer cover and inner layer), and the double finish is double edge (both inside and outside have veneer).
Oct 25, 2017

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