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What rights do I have as a renter if the fire alarms keep going off?

We've been living in a new development apartments since they opened and last night (2AM) there was yet another false fire alarm. This makes 6 in the past 4 1/2 months. This is the 3rd alarm to go off after midnight, and it is so bad that some of the residents who've been through the past few didn't even leave the building.Personally, we're going out every time, even though we're fairly certain it's another false alarm, but better safe than sorry. That being said, there has to be some recourse or compensation for these repeated problems. I understand that it's a new building and there are kinks, but this is ridiculous.I'm hoping that someone knows renter laws in California (SF area, if it matters) and can recommend what the next step would be. We've already drafted a firm, but civil, letter to the management company explaining exactly all the incidents and our frustrations.But we're wondering what we can do if they just brush it off and ignore us.TIA,Sleepless in San Francisco


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