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What rules should be placed on the supermarket shelves?

What rules should be placed on the supermarket shelves?


At present, supermarkets use commonly used display shelves (high 165250 cm long, 90200 cm), the shelf display section of the best is between the upper and mid section, this section is called the display of the gold line, second layer, third layer shelves, is most easily seen eye, hand most likely to get the goods display location. This position is usually used to display high profit goods, private brand goods, exclusive agents or distribution of goods. Display the other two Dan, the top display usually need to recommend the goods, the sales cycle is usually lower into the recession of goods.
In the allocation of space, the design of the supermarket should be based on the principle of increasing the flow of customers as much as possible to attract customersThe two areas are divided as far as possible, and other areas are arranged between two regions, such as placing traditional bread products in fresh foodDistrict and fast food, such as milk in the middle.
Adjust the shelf position at appropriate intervals. From the customer's point of view, the goods are placed relatively fixed, and thenThe next time you visit the supermarket, you can reduce the time to find goods. But from the point of view of shopping malls, long-term fixed shelves, easy to loseThe guest's attention to other things, and produces an old-fashioned feeling. Thus, after a period of time for the goods to be placedThe whole shelf allows customers to be attracted by other items while they are looking for what they need, and at the same time, it produces ears to the change of the shopping mallA new feeling. But supermarket shelves change should not be too frequent, otherwise it will cause customer disgust, think the mall lack of ScienceManagement, confusion, irritability. Therefore, this supermarket chooses one year to change.

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