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What's a good general purpose lake fishing rod/reel?

I'm just getting back into fishing, which I havn't done since I was a kid. I'm mostly going to be doing some casual fishing of catfish and bass on the lake with my dad. I know that it's best to have different rod/reel setups for different fish and situations, but for now I want to keep things simple. I'm on a budget, but don't want to take awful gear out on the lake. I'm thinking about a 6 foot Medium action Ugly Stik and a Mitchell 300Xe reel. Am I in the right ballpark?


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This sells UV resin and Magic Glos by Lisa Pavelka is another. Both are cured either with natural sun or via a UV light such as a nail art lamp. If you choose not to use resin, but really want some great gloss, then I recommend Fimo Lacquer. Fimo Water base varnish is not as shiny, but the Lacquer is thicker. It sells in little bottles with a brush attached so you don't need a solvent to clean the brush each time. The Lacquer makes the mica shimmer.

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