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What's the best for restaurant advertising lights?

At night or during the day, it is easy to remember that the night is brighter


The spread of luminance contrast luminance difference is formed by... Light is also in the air medium to spread medium is the energy transfer which is light waves generated by the sun is many times that of lighting (...
4, Jiaozi Stuffed with Mackerel is Qingdao Specialty: to Kowloon fish trapping, fresh and delicious, lead a person to endless aftertastes. 5, the sky road snacks, racket ah, not to be missed. The map is located in the sky road greatly marked sky garden in the city center, Carrefour delicacy street, north. Beware of cheating cases. Dengzhou road beer Street catering street, close to the Tsingtao Brewery factory, can often drink the hot from brewery brewing. 6, the seafood Hot pot: all kinds of fish do fish, oyster (oyster), eight, squid, shrimp, clams, tube (a small squid), all seafood are basically can be used to rinse after eating, drink soup, very delicious. 7, Pipa shrimp (sometimes called Xia Hu): Guangdong Hongkong is also called pee shrimp, Stephen Chow is the movie "God of cookery" in energy-saving kind of shrimp juice best, there are spicy fried. 8, eight (Octopus): congbao eight, eight mix, are good. 9, there are some restaurants offer relatively rare like starfish, sea urchins, sea intestines of these small seafood. Qingdao cuisine features ten flavor snacks: Qingdao hotels Yeongju mackerel traditional snacks, has 50 years of history. Steamed red oyster: Qingdao red house catering center characteristic brand, Zuo Jia eat jiangcu. MEG: Qingdao City Xinya jelly delicacy seafood delicacy. Valley Village: Qingdao Valley Village prawn noodle exclusive launch. Seafood clams: Qingdao seafood brand. Squid: US Dahl beauty of Darfur barbecue shop franchise. Big fish light fish set: wonton King fast-food restaurant exclusive launch, only Qingdao unique. Casserole fish: Vanward spring hotel features brand. Abalone seafood jade noodles: Abalone Island Restaurant exclusive launch. The Great Wall seafood stove: the Great Wall restaurant is the exclusive business, has become a public specialty cuisine.

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