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What's the difference between a cast iron pot or a cast iron pan?

What's the difference between a cast iron pot and a cast iron pan?


A cast iron pot is what we usually call an iron pot. However, the difference between cast iron pot and pig iron is that the cast iron is the two processing, mostly processed into cast iron parts. Cast iron has excellent casting ability and can be made into complex parts. It has good machinability. In addition, the utility model has the advantages of good abrasion resistance, good shock resistance, low price, etc..
Should not use iron pot boil red bayberry, hawthorn, Begonia and other acidic fruit. Because these acidic fruit contains acid, encounter after iron will cause chemical reactions, resulting in low iron compounds, after eating may cause poisoning. Boiled mung bean also avoid using iron, because a chemical reaction occurs with peel of tannin in iron, generating black tannin iron, mung bean soup and make into black, affect the taste and the body's digestion and absorption.
From the material, the pot is divided into fine iron pot and cast iron pot two categories. Iron is made of gray iron casting made by melting model, slow heat transfer, uniform heat transfer, but the pot ring thick, rough texture, easy to crack; fine iron is made of black metal forging or hand hammer, the pan ring thin, fast heat transfer, the characteristics of beautiful appearance. It is understood that the iron pot has a characteristic, when the fire temperature exceeds 200 degrees, iron will send out through certain heat transfer to the food to control the temperature of 230 DEG C, and fine iron is directly to the temperature of fire to food. For the average family, use a cast iron pan. But the iron pot also has advantages, first, because it is a fine iron casting, less impurities, therefore, heat transfer is even, not prone to sticky phenomenon. Second, because the material is good, the pot can be made very thin, the pot temperature can be higher. Third, high grade, smooth surface, clean work, good to do.

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