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What's the distance between the desks and chairs made by people to feel comfortable?

What is the distance between the desks and chairs made by people to feel comfortable?


The height of the hanging wardrobe category, the national standard stipulates that hanging clothes rod along the top of the cabinet distance from 40mm to 60mm, a big waste of space; small, it can not put the hanger. The distance from the bottom of the hanging rod to the bottom of the cabinet shall not be less than 1350mm, and the coat should not be less than 850mm. The depth of the wardrobe mainly consider the shoulder factors of people, generally 600mm, should not be less than 500mm, otherwise there would be inclined to shut the door.There are standard on the bookcase, GB plate layer height of not less than 220mm. Less than this size, will not put into the 32 book of ordinary books. Taking into account magazines, photo albums and other specifications larger items, shelf height between the general choice of 300mm to 350mm.
If the table and chair height collocation is not reasonable, will directly affect people's sitting posture, is not conducive to the health of users. Therefore, it also regulates the desk under the table space is not less than 580mm, the space width not less than 520mm, this is to ensure that people in the use of his legs can have enough space.As for the size of the sofa, the national standard provides that the width of a single sofa seat should not be less than 480mm, smaller than this size, even if people can barely sit in, it will feel narrow. Seat depth should be in the range of 480 to 600mm, the calf can not be too deep natural droop, calf will be oppressed; too shallow, it will feel impatient. Seat height should be in the range from 360mm to 420mm, too high, like sitting on a chair, feel uncomfortable; too low, sit down, stand up will feel difficult.
The correct height of the table and chair should allow the person to sit in two basic vertical positions: first, when the feet are flat on the ground, the thighs and calves can be basically vertical. At this time, the front of the seat can not oppress the lower level of the thigh. Two is when the arms are naturally drooping, the upper arm and the arm are basically vertical, and then the height of the table should be just below the lower arm level plane contact. This allows the person to maintain the correct sitting posture and writing posture.
As for the height of desks and chairs, the state has established standards. Among them, table furniture height size standards can be 700mm, 720mm, 740mm, 760mm four specifications; chairs, stools, furniture seating height can be 400mm, 420mm, 440mm three specifications. In addition, it also specifies the standard size of table and chair matching, and the height difference between tables and chairs should be controlled within 280 to 320mm range.
High table and dining is not complete, it is uncomfortable; the desk chair is too high, too low, pose will make people rest, shorten the distance in the course of time, easy to cause deformation and curvature of the spine in myopic eyes. To this end, the daily use of furniture must be in line with standards.

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