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What's your favorite lime recipe?

I have four regular limes, and I can't decide what to do with them (I don't drink tequila).


Good Afternoon Baja_Sessions, I have lived in my house for over thirty years. I have nine (9) fruit trees. I research every tree before I plant it. I also try to grow trees which a person cannot buy (rare) in the grocery stores. Five of my trees are planted along my driveway which runs the length of my house.
You need a tie breaker here. Most Lime varieties turn yellow when they are fully ripe. The limes you buy in the store are green in two senses of the word.
I would choose a dwarf fruit tree that I would use the fruit of or could give away. I would not plant a tree next to my house.
Plant what you like to eat and don't planted near the house, Enjoy

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