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What should I notice when I buy a wardrobe

What should I notice when I buy a wardrobe?


To see the high degree of assembly of the wardrobe is not high, wardrobe drawer position can be replaced; plywood position can be adjusted, so that the wardrobe interior space can be changed according to the owner's request. These can be changed accessories to improve the overall functionality of the wardrobe, compared to some of the fixed pattern of wardrobe space, it can be more practical.
Should the internal quality, to observe the wardrobe from some hidden place such as: the observation sheet section from some holes, sheet section of good color and uniform color light, fiber length and dense, poor white sheet section in a mixture of black impurities, deep color, short fiber and loose; the sheet edge is smooth, smooth, dense and uniform proof workmanship of the product is fine, on the other hand, appear coarse, tilt, edge cracks, rough and so on, not only shows that the products work rough and use also easy to scratch clothing or skin;
From the environmental point of view, the first departure. E1 will be enough, do not blindly pursue E0, first look at the merchant's test report, and then carefully observe the details, smell the taste, look at the edge.

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