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What should i write my paper about?

I can literally write about anythingIt has to be a page (double spaced) and the topic has to be problematic, significant, and interestingAny ideas?Thanks!


My town accepts (in one bin) metal foils, plastics numbered between 1- 6 (including styrofoam), glass, paper (not cardboard) lawn clippings, leaves, grass clippings.
California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger passed legislation (AB 3056) to increase California Refund Value in the following calendar yearEffective January 1, 2007, recycling centers pay consumers 5 cents for containers less than 24 ozand $.10 for containers 24 ozor moreRedemption Value (the deposit customers pay at retail purchase), however, will remain $.04 and $.08 (respectively) through July 1, 2007If the recycling rate has not reached 75% by this time, Redemption Value will also increase to $.05 and $.10In other words, for the first half of 2007, consumers can enjoy a refund rate higher than the deposit rate.
Just a page? Here are some things to get your brain flowing: -something being taken off the menu at your favorite place to eat and why you think that is-a goal that you try to reach, but can't for some reason (like breaking a bad habit) -is 'green' really better? what takes longer to decompose in a landfill: a plastic water bottle or an aluminum water canteen? is it better to use plastic grocery bags for your bathroom wastebasket or should you use fabric grocery bags and purchase trash bags for your bathroom.

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