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What skiing tips should a novice skier learn?

What skiing tips should a novice skier learn?


As China has won the 2022 Winter Olympics, in China also set off the ice and snow sports craze, including skiing because of relatively simple, easy to grasp, safety coefficient is relatively high, and become popular winter sports tourism.
1, skiing equipment. (ski boots, skis, ski sticks)1) the right boots should be tightly wrapped, heel, instep and tibia does not feel pressure, ankle to bend freely, flexible toes grip, boots and feet as a whole.
2) pole grip is the first right hand through the pole wear, then wear in hand, so that in case of a fall, the poles will not consciously throw out. 3) wearing skis should be the first to put your skis parallel on the snow, put down the plate. With snow support as a support, insert snow boot Front into the groove at the front of the boot clip and point it at the back of the boot clip. Snow boots boots clip fixed on skis, connected feet runout check and snowboard ski boots.
2 snow stand and walk.1) ski standard stance: two knees slightly curved, eye natural head up. The center of gravity is forward, and the calf is pressed against snow boots. Hands stick forward up, elbows slightly bent.2) usually with ski in a flat place can be straight, and that your skis parallel to the direction of travel. Steep, like a crab step across. If you feel difficult, take off the snow board, walk to the normal position, and put on, to ensure safety. Take off or should adjust to the ski and snow ski slope in front of vertical loading.

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