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What sort of water meters do you have?

What sort of water meters do you have?


It is divided into cold water meter and hot water meterAccording to the medium temperature can be divided into cold water meter and hot water meter, the water temperature 30 degrees is its dividing line(1) cold water meter: medium lower limit temperature is 0 degrees, upper limit temperature is 30 Celsius water meter(2) a hot water meter: a water meter with a lower dielectric limit of 30 DEG C and an upper limit of 90 DEG C or 130 DEG C or 180 DEG C
Displacement water meter: installed in a pipe, consisting of a number of water meters that are successively filled and discharged by a known volume of fluid and a fluid actuated mechanism, or referred to as a quantitative discharge meterThe displacement type water meter usually adopts the piston structureBy measurement gradeAccording to the old standard, can be divided into class a table, B class table, C class table, D class tableThe measurement level reflects the work flow range of the meter, especially the measurement performance under small flow. According to the order from low to high, generally divided into class A, class B table, C table, D table level scale, the measurement performance reached the corresponding requirements in national standard A, B, C class and D.After the new standard release, the measurement grade classification method becomes quite complex, mainly according to the flow value and the range ratio and other parameters to determine. In brief, the larger the measurement scale, the higher the measurement level
Velocity meter: a water meter enclosed in a closed pipe, consisting of a moving element and directly driven by the velocity of water flow to obtain power and speedA typical speed water meter has a rotor type water meter and a spiral vane type water meterSpiral vane type water meter

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