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What to do about dry hair?

I have extremely dry hair, especially on the inner hairIt's very noticeable and looks damagedI rarely use heating product on my hair, I shampoo every other day and I use biosilk but it still looks crappyI know it's caused by a medical condition but the doctors cant do anything about my hairWhat can I use?


Perfectly safe to use aluminum foil in the oven.NOT so much in the microwave, lol:)
I use aluminium foil often for baking however I use baking paper between the food and the foilI am sure it is safe to use foil, however I find that on occasions the foil sticks to the food, so I use the non stick paper betweenI hope this helps.
Is Aluminum Foil Safe
mayonaise treatmentsit moisturizes ur hair like u wont believelol just dab on mayonaise and wrap your hair in aluminum foilleave on for like 15 minutesthen rinse with cold water.

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