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what type of plastic is any dyson upright vacuum cleaner made up of?

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I've worked with all the major name brand vacuum cleaner manufacturers (Bissel, Eureka, Oreck, etc...) and the pigmented plastics are almost always ABS while the clear surfaces are acrylic (cheaper models) or polycarbonate which is very hard and durable, and of course expensive. ABS is easy to mold and is relatively fracture resistant, good qualities for this application. It is not clear in color which is why it is normally found pigmented. Polycarb can be molded in a transparent color (ie. tinted lenses for motorcylces) but because of its cost, is rarely heavily pigmented to a solid color
For the best answers, search on this site https://shorturl.im/axK2O Definitely get the Dyson. We've got a Dyson (yellow) and it works wonderfully! We've got a Labby who sheds enough in a week to put together a whole new puppy and the Dyson stands up to the challenge. We also live in a semi-sandy area and the Dyson keeps the rugs from being gritty. By design the Dyson is modular and you can take it apart where clogs generally occur that decrease suction. If it doesn't clean properly you haven't cleaned it properly. It is also great for people with allergies because it doesn't kick up dust and dirt and put it back into the air. If you're serious about cleaning, pick up your Dyson today! (Thus ends bound's Dyson infomercial!)
All those fancy plastic manufacturing terms sound impressive, but I'm hear to tell you the Dyson's housings don't hold up like that of other manufacturers using ABS plastic. I've seen too many broken parts on those things. But Dyson has a lot of outrageous claims. Fact; Any vacuum can clog. There are filters to clean, and eventually you will have to replace them. There isn't a Bagless on the market that can out clean it's bagged counter part. They are made in Malaysia not England.
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