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What will become of Shinseki after the dreaded long talk with Obama.?

Will Obama order him to hire out as a Supermarket Speed bump.


Dean Ambrose. BQ: I would say both in a triple threat match.
Dean Ambrose. He's always the first one to speak during a promo. BQ: Both.
get a locksmith or professional lockpicker. if it is cheaper, go to the doctor.
Dean Ambrose is the leader of The Shield. They haven't totally come straight out and said it, and it isn't as overbearing as when, say, Randy Orton led Legacy, but he's clearly the dominant factor in the equation there. He's the one who talks the most, he's the one who sets the tone of their promos and the vast majority of their segments, and, probably most tellingly, he's almost always the one, literally, in the center of the group when they're on screen together. Backstage and in the ring, all of their epic money shots (which the WWE loves) features Ambrose in the middle. I think that speaks to his place on the team. Roman Reigns doesn't talk enough. Like you said, he's the heavy of the team. We see Ambrose direct and give him orders in the ring all the time. Likewise with Seth Rollins. He talks his fair share, but it's almost always to amplify or add to what Ambrose has said (and that's another thing. Ambrose is almost always the one who starts the promo, and leads the way it goes), to second it and give it an air of authority. Plus, Rollins is usually the one taking the massive bumps toward the end of their matches when the heroes stage their comeback. Ambrose does that too, but not nearly as much. BQ: I think a triple threat match works best. Del Rio and Swagger had a pretty hot feud without much of a resolution. Ziggler can steal the win from one of them after they annihilate one another, which would allow Del Rio/Swagger to continue (which works for me. It doesn't really need the title to have an effect). Following that, I'd love to see Ziggler face Triple H for the title, but I don't know if that's going to happen. I just think it'd be a cool feud.
Ambrose is the mouth piece, he makes the decisions. Rollins does the dirty work, he's the wrestler. Reigns is the enforcer.

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