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whats the best way to preserve dry ice?

im purchasing about 2 pounds of dry ice tomorow and i was wondering how i could keep it from evaporating, so far i have a small cooler and some tin foil, if i wrap the ice with the tin foil should that keep it from evaporating? also if it does which side should be facing in, shiney side or dull side?


because you lose lots off energy with dc current
No, no, no, noYou cannot transmit DC power nearly as far as AC - which these days comes from reactors, dams and coal plants hundreds of miles awayWith DC you have to build power stations every mile or so which is terribly expensiveDC has some very good advantages though like low power lighting and this is a good option if you make your own electricity in your house (like using solar cells).
You should be careful putting it in a freezerDry ice of course expands a lot when it sublimes, and so putting it into a sealed container will lead to a dry ice bomb - the container may eventually burstTin foil doesn't trap heat super well (the air pockets in it do trap heat, but aluminum conducts heat well)And even if it did, it would not make the dry ice sublime faster - it would keep heat from the warmer outside from getting inThus, you want a very good insulatorI would recommend bubble wrap or newspaper wadsAlso, do not put water ice in the cooler as well - it will melt and make the dry ice sublime faster.

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