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When the laptop is connected to the power, the screen darkens

Unplug the power is normal brightness, and then connected to the power on the contrary, it becomes dark, my notebook is HP540, the power attributes did not adjust the brightness, and seek the master Bo


You have to look at the lower right corner of the battery or the battery icon is no battery, if there is no battery that is being charged, or if the battery is not charging, no charge is likely to suddenly look bright and dark, suggestions for a power supply to try, see power or book interface.
The options are nothing more than these items:adjust brightnessReduce the display timeTime to turn off the monitorThe time at which computers are asleepAccording to the requirements, the specific values of the power supplied by the battery and the power supplied by alternating current are respectively provided.
May be in the power options you have set wrong, can check there is not set wrong, then notice there is connected to the power battery and useful of the two power options control panel options, in the power supply connecting you to check whether there is a dark setting,
LZ tries to set the power options, and the notebook will have this option.You can enter from the control panel, and you can also enter by clicking the power icon in the lower right corner.

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