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Where did you get your screen name for Y!A?

Stud the belts that welt the sky are lyrics from From the Cradle to Enslave a Cradle of Filth song.


hot dogs/burgers drinks/soda/water fire food (smores, banana boats, sticks for hot dogs etc..) chairs blankets sweatshirts for those who forgot sleeping bags/blankets for those sleeping over flashlights lots of pillows breakfast for the next day (muffins, juice, cereal)
If a scientist needs to investigate something, such as say, a murder crime scene (like on TV) or a sick animal somewhere, they need to decide which tools to use, to best figure out the problem. They also need to figure out an order of jobs they need to do, to inspect said problem. Finally, they need to use safety precautions, because they don't want anyone to get hurt. This could include cutting something in a way that will avoid injuring themselves, and so on. Hope I could help! :)

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