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Where do you buy thin aluminum?

I am looking for aluminum about as thick as 'STOP' signs or 'NO PARKING' signs that comes in strips, I am looking for this to use on the edge of my box to grind with my skateboard.Please Help me on where I could get this, Thanks.


For very thin, and soft aluminum, i take advantage of a field Cutter which has a robust, heavy razor-like replaceable blade. It works high-quality for me, nevertheless it's important that your work very cautiously in order not to permit a slip which is able to ruin your workpiece. Tin snips are shears, and consequently probably twist and bend the workpiece requiring various straightening and rework of the workpiece AFTER it's reduce.
A good hardware store may have aluminum sheets or plates that could work for you, but may prove a little difficult to shape well for your purpose, and may be a little pricey. While there, check on aluminum flashing, thinner, but cheap and easy to bend.
The place to start is your local junkyard or scrap metal dealer. You aren't going to find exactly what your looking for, but you'll probably find something that will work. Who knows, you might find a pile of old stop/no parking signs. You'll pay a fraction of the cost of new metal sheets. You'll most likely come home with something totally different than what you had planned, but that you just couldn't resist.
I okorder to see what they had available and as I suspected, they carry a wide variety of thicknesses and widths of aluminum that should be perfect for what you want (they have pretty much everything that anyone would ever need). With shipping, though, it may be cost prohibitive, and I'm not sure what length you're looking for, or where you live, but you might be able to find what you're looking for at a local metal retailer. You can also check with local fabricators that may have scrap pieces you can buy for less than you'd pay with shipping from McMaster. Aluminum is really easy to work with, though it does tend to clog the teeth of saw blades and files if not properly lubricated.
Try Homedepot.

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