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Where is the best place to go skiing departing from the LA area?

I was thinking of a short (2 hours or less) or a drive (up to 6 hours)


Mammouth has the best skiing, about a 5 hour drive. Mountain high is the closest and easiest to get to (about an hour).
Just to clarify this link will show picture that shows the system layout. I need the whole system removed, or at least the top part to add my intake. But I'm afraid if I do that I will leave these modules exposed. So the question is what do I do about these modules?
Don't waste your money. You already have a CAI that works just fine.
I have been to Mammoth and the skiing the just great. However the ride is a good 5 hours. Good luck.
Colorado, or Whistler COPPER MOUNTAIN Copper is the perfect vacation destination for Colorado skiing and snowboarding. Copper is easily accessible, located just 75 miles west of Denver in the heart of Summit County, Colorado. Copper is Summit County's largest ski area with over 2,400 ski-able acres and averages 280 of snowfall during our ski season. Of all the Colorado ski resorts, Copper has plenty to offer for all ages and abilities. It has a new village featuring plenty of incredible lodging options, shops, restaurants, bars and family activities. All of our lodging is just steps away from the mountain and gives you access to the Copper Mountain Athletic Club. Take your pick from Economical Bronze Lodging to Exquisite Platinum Lodging.

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