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Where to leave my dog while at work?

I'm moving to a new place soon with my German SheppardHere's my problem - right now she is out all day when I'm at work as I don't agree with leaving her in a kennel for 8+ hours a dayWhen I move the location will be minutes from my job so I will be coming home for lunchesMy question is: Should I leave her outside during the day and install a doggie door in my heated garage, keep her keneled for 4 hours then when I'm home for lunch she would be walked orLet her roam the house? The last option is what I'm currently doing and although she has no accidents in the house she likes to chew thingsBy things I mean crown molding, dvds, xbox games, coffee tablesANYTHING she can get her mouth onto is basically destroyedALSO, we have a dog daycare in town but I'd rather her stay at homeShe used to go until I realized all the dogs were kept in a xpen all day with no water or being walked, kinda defeats the purpose.


You might want to buy two baby gates and section off a room for her to stay in that doesn't have anything where she can get to it or rip it offI recommend buying her a lot of rubber, indestructible toys that she can play with while you are goneIn the morning when you feed her, put her food in a Kong WobblerYou can buy it at any pet storeThey provide a lot of mental stimulation, which your dog might be lacking because dogs destroy things when they have to much energy, especially with smart breeds that need a lot of exerciseToys to buy would be a Kong Extreme, Kong Wobbler, and most other toys bye Kong are pretty good, because they are pretty much indestructibleToys that see indestructible are generally good to buyI don't suggest crating your dog all day, because German Shepherds need to get their energy out, even if only in a little roomWhen you come home at lunch time, take your dog on a quick jog around the block, and when you get home, go on a nice long walk or runI also suggest signing up for some agility classes or rally classes on the weekend to help get her excess energy outOnce she has vigorous exercise every day, she will be less destructive.

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