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which element or substance does not all Magnetic field to pass through it? stops the magnetic field ?

Can anyone tell me which element or substance stops the magnetic field?thank you


Ferrous metals can redirect a magnetic field, but they do it by pulling it in. Diamagnetic materials actually repel magnetic field lines. Bismuth and Pyrolitic Carbon are two strongly diamagnetic materials. Water, gold, and mercury are weakly diamagnetic. In fact, most materials are at least weakly Diamagentic, but it is often masked by stronger Paramagnetic or Ferromagnetic effects. Search for the video of a magnetically suspended frog. Conductive materials will only repel a changing magnetic field, such as radio waves. Eddy currents induced in the metal induce a magnetic field that is opposite the magnetic field that created the currents, but as the eddy current drops off, the effect is reduced. So it only works with changing fields, and the field must penetrate the conductor to work. A superconductor will repel a magnetic field in the same way, but since it is a superconductor, the eddy currents continue to flow so will stop the field without it having to keep changing.
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remember that magnetic protecting will not be “protecting” contained in the classic experience. One won't be able to end or block magnetic field strains. they are going to shuttle from the N pole of the source to the S pole. What we can do is to modify the route that those magnetic fields strains handle their adventure.
A few materials, such as bismuth and antimony, are repelled by a magnetic field, having permeabilities less than that of free space; these materials are called diamagnetic. The magnetic action which characterizes diamagnetic substances, the magnetic moments of which tend to oppose an externally applied magnetic field. Contrasted with paramagnetism and ferromagnetism. ANSWER

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