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Which is a better investment?

bronze or copper


Read the information shown in the links at the end of this post. If you still want to fool around with a Cold Air Intake, be my guest:
I think you ment PCV (As in your main question heading) and not PVC in your description. You can tap into the intake with rubber tube. It only ties into the intake so that there is a negative pressure pulling the gases out of the crank case. Drill, tube, silicone. Or tap and thread it. Depends how fancy you want to get.
Like how? Scrap copper, bronze statue? Bronze is an alloy of copper and tin. What do you know most about? Bronze may not discolour as much as tin. You nicking it off roofs or something?
Copper is a metal. Bronze is an alloy that includes mostly copper, some zinc and a couple of other metals. I doubt you can even trade bronze.
Bronze is just an alloy which includes copper in its composition. I think that there is a much wider market for copper than bronze since it would have much wider application. Actually, it might be difficult to find bronze in a form you might wish to purchase. Also the alloy varies considerably from use to use. I can however think of one instance where a certain form of bronze might be a better investment. That is old US pennies. The 1877 penny is bronze and is worth at least $1000 in just about any reasonable condition. Same with the 1909 s vdb penny. There are several other US pennies made bronze that are also considered very good investments. 1914 d is one.

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