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Which is good for air, solar and electric water heaters?

Which is good for air, solar and electric water heaters?


A comprehensive consideration is good for solar energyFirst, save money without any extra chargeSecond: environmental protection, health, safetyThird: now people's demand is improving, the application of solar energy has been very comprehensive, hot water at any time, constant temperature and constant pressure can be achievedFourth: to reduce environmental pollution, the human body without any harm
Air can not be used outdoors when the temperature is low. Basically, the higher the outdoor temperature, the higher the water temperature. The electric water heater costs electricity, but it is ready for use at any time. Solar energy is more suitable, low temperature, as long as the sun is good, can heat
At present, water heaters have electric water heaters, gas water heaters, heat pump water heaters, solar water heaters of several types. If you think there are other types of water heaters can also continue to ask, I will be. My opinion is that solar water heaters are safest and easy to use. The following analysis is for your reference only.Through my analysis of some of the above water heaters, you can judge for yourself.Electric water heater, electric water heater electric energy consumption, it is said that, since the electric Fire and water have no mercy. "into the modern society into thousands of households, has become necessary for life, but usually there will be a high power electric fuse is burnt, burned out line situations have occurred, we believe that the power of lightning is for having heard it many times well known. Two years ago, Xinjiang has an airline stewardess, for charging the mobile phone and electrocuted events in many online pass, and the power of the electric water heater can be larger than the mobile phone hundreds of times, so there are hidden troubles of electric heating pipe aging, aging wires, bukebufang.Gas water heater: gas water heater consumption energy is gas, everyone is most familiar with the kitchen gas stove, and gas water heater is usually cooking gas cooker burning gas. People who have cooked meals know that both the natural gas in the kitchen and the gas in a single gas tank are bad smelling. And the gas is a big problem that is heated with hot water when uncomfortable, sometimes hot and sometimes cold easily.

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