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Which is smarter, gravel or cement?

I know this is a funny question but my friend and i have wondered this.Thanks and God Bless!


Gravel. Usually when you run over gravel it spits out the side or back of the road, eventually it moves so far away from road traffic, it never gets run over again. Luck and care,
In regards to a driveway? I personally have a gravel driveway and love it!! I dont have to worry about cracks or cosmetic defects. I do need to weed treat it once and a while, but thats nothing major. Its also a lot cheaper than cement. Check with your city ordinances, some cities do not allow gravel driveways. They are phasing to finished surfaces. (ie: brick, cement, asphalt, etc)
How can you not know that gravel is smarter. Cement just sits there for its whole life, but gravel is free and can move. Even an idiot could answer this question. Maybe gravel and cement are smarter than you. JK

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