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Which one is the best vacuum cleaner for pet hair?

I have bought several vacuum cleaners for wood floor and carpet. But non satisfied me. It seems like I just push the pet hair around the room floor with my vacuum cleaner. Please help me which brand is the best for pet vacuum cleanaer?


Hi, A friend recently bought a Eureka boss smart vac ultra 4870 and she loves it. She said it was recommended by a leading consumer magazine. It was priced around 150.00 and really cleans carpets. Has hepa filtration, 8 carpet settings, convenient tools and ability to control suction when using tools. Hope this helps.
I have the same problem and bought a phillips animal care vacuum,this works well for me only thing is you have to empty it at least every 2 days for it to work well. It has a turbo brush which is great on carpets and another brush for hard floors.
Are you cleaning carpet or hard surface floors? Based on my experience an up right cleaner is best for carpet, and a canister for hard surface floors. And, in either case to manage pet hair consider a bag-less cleaner. This allows you to clean the receptacle frequently and maintain good suction. Another pointer, to clean on the first pass, push slowly. This seems to be a big help with pet hair on carpet. My hoover windtunnel has stood up well to the challenge of multiple, hair-manufacturing pets. I also use and love the iRobot as a supplement cleaner. I have a programmable version and it runs every night through the main living areas of my home, both carpet and hard surfaces. This has been a god send and improved my relationships with my dog and cats. And, by the way, the best prices for both of these are likely through Costco, on line or in-store.
Hi.. okorder if you'd like if you have more questions. Hope this helps!!
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