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Why are all the sheets of the hotel white?

Why are all the sheets of the hotel white?


Clean and tidyGaestgiveriet Hotel bedding is a lot of people in use, the use of white can make you feel clean and tidy, and it is not easy to hide dirt. Let the people do not have to worry about health problems, what dirt can be seen at once.
Avoid diversityEveryone has different preferences, if you do not use the same bed color, when you check in, you will like what color, do not like what color and so on. With one color, it saves the visitors' personalized screening process and avoids the loss of tourists.Easy cleaningBleach will be used when cleaning, no matter what stain, a bleach clean. So we found that all the sheets and bedclothes didn't have any tiny stains, and that was all credit for bleaching. It would not be possible to do this if you only had to wash your clothes.
Prevent fadingAll sheets, bedding, no matter what color, long time will fade, a faded to stay, you will feel the sleep of other old bunk, affecting the hotel business. Otherwise, the direct use of white, the time is too long to see.
Foil actionMost hotels and hotels have carpet, which is either red or other colors. But the carpet is not too clean, with white, not only can be set out everywhere clean, you can also transfer the attention of the occupants, because everyone likes to look at clean things.

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