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Why can't the water heater be boiled?

It's plugged in, the switch is off, no response


The water when there are a large number of exhaust steam and accompanied by a "puff" sound: blocked (stomatal pores in the body at the top of the tank, there is a small hole, with long needle to open air hole can be solved)The above fault is the author often encountered faults are perfectly resolved, there is no basis for electronic circuits, without permission to disassemble, I will not be responsible for the consequences!
The indicator light is bright but not heated: heating the inner liner and heating the wireThe red light is on and heated, but not the green light: the temperature control switch is damaged or out of contact
Common circuit faults and simple maintenance of water dispensers are as follows:The indicator light is not bright, the switch heating is not reactive: the power supply and the line are disconnected or the contact is bad (disassemble the casing, investigate the line)
There are many possibilities in which the plug itself is broken and the possibility of short circuit or open circuit inside the machine is the highest. The possibility of a switch or indicator broken down. Which is not in the family can be repaired (change plug and wire except, but had better try before, otherwise the wrong line, but will...), directly to the repair.

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