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Why does my aluminum foil have wrinkles?

Months ago, I used a glue stick for the panelsI used Elmer's school glue for another solar ovenI did not use 50/50 water and Elmer's school glueThe aluminum foil on the panels that I used the glue stick for, it made a wrinkle pattern like bricks fitting together.Why did the foil get wrinkles after I smoothed out all the wrinkles on all the panels after the glue dried? The panels that I used 2 different glues on (one glue for each panel) got wrinkles.


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Whatever you glued the foil onto (perhaps cardboard?) likely expands or contracts with temperature and humidity at a different rate than the foil itselfMy guess is that's what led to wrinklesBut I also think it won't affect the performance of your solar oven very much.
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