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Why dont they just use a bulldozer to cover up minefields?

Or even better plough tracks and road right thru them, couldnt they just buyild a humungus armoured bulldozer?


yeah its called a tank
this is why very intelligent scientists and engineers have gotten together by the US government to create certain types of armed and armored vehicles that can safely protrude these areas without much damage to the vehicle or the crew. this new concept is called a tank. another concept, helicopters are designed specifically to bring in troops, or export them when in battle. helicopters and their crew don't have to worry about any damage caused by land mines, but could be damaged and/or destroyed by land to air missles, enemy troops on the ground, and possibly air to air combat. luckily, the crew is well trained for these unfortunate events, and the helicopters are always well maintained and ready for whatever the battle field throws upon them. thankyou for taking the time to read about these new concepts, and their main purposes to protect the crew in board and still be able to maintain the vehicle to finish the job .
nah they have anti-tank mines.....but i have seen this....vehicle (only word i can think of to describe it) that is similar to a tank...but it spins chains around in font of it...to set off the mines at a relatively save distance away from the driver (opposite side of the vehicle) and the mines do no damage. I mean what are they gonna hurt? chains? worst case scenario you replace it. and to answer the question, to cover up a minefield would only temporarily solve the problem, i mean after so long erosion would bring the mines (unexpectedly) back to the top, and again they could harm someone. generally speaking, the reason minefields are still around, is money. most of the country's that still have minefields tend to not have enough money to get a hold of the vehicle i mentioned earlier (or some sort of crazy renting system...i suppose) or any other method of removing mines. so sadly...when it comes to people dieing....it all comes back to money.
Yeah I reckon they could just cover em with tons of dirt and rocks, that should set them off and the explosions will be about 4 - 6 feet under ground so there wont be any danger to anyone. I reckon it would take thousands of years for the earth to wear down 6 feet, I doubt if mines could last thousands of years.

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