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Why is the wire hot when a short circuit occurs?

Who knows home improvement trough is generally playing high ah?


The trough is made according to your needs and is not specified.
Is the south bridge If you determine the South Bridge is the problem, it can only change.
Is the south bridge! Boot automatically restart! After the restart is not just fine! Said the details of the point
The powder coating will be uniformly adsorbed on the surface of the cable bridge to form a powdery coating. The powder coating layer is flattened and solidified by high temperature baking, and the powder coating is applied to the surface of the cable. Into a final coating with different effects (different effects of powder coating). Spraying effect in the mechanical strength, adhesion, corrosion resistance, aging resistance and other aspects are better than the painting process, the bridge body metal can play a good protective effect, the cost is also under the same effect of paint.

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