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Will smoking in my dorm set the smoke detector off?

I know smoking at my house at home doesn't set detectors off are the ones in dorms different? What if I have the window open/fans blowing?


It will fill the hose with lent. Maybe cause a fire. Put on about 10 foot of hose. And a burlap,or cotton sack. To catch the lent. Empty on a regular basis. Check the screen in the front. That catches most lent.
If he was not given a ticket than the cops must have felt he wasnt at fault. You would have to go after him in a civil court but since he was not cited at the scene that will be hard. If the parking lot had no speed bumps or pedestrian crosswalks or other safety measures in place to prevent this from happening. You may have a case. Go back to the parking lot and look for signs or lack of. Take pictures where it happens if it shows that a sign or speed bump could have prevented the acident. Also was there a posted speed limit in the parking lot?

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